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Bespoke Creations and Commissions

Something made especially for you.


We love to create entirely new amazing creatures, workshops and art projects especially for themes or environments - from big community programs to addressing specific interests or issues, from creating murals, art shows, parades or performances, transformative décor or immersive environments - we can make something that engages your community is an exciting new way.


Our creative team will work closely with you to develop something unique and original, ensuring your vision is realised in one-of-a-kind splendour. With over a decade of experience you know you can be assured we will deliver high quality costumes and artworks to make your celebration truly unique and memorable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like something incredible especially made for you.

Community Cultural Project _ Deep Sea As
Queer Beasts By Deep Sea Astronauts _ Low Res-03_edited.jpg
Squid Fest 2022 _ Deep Sea Astronauts.jpeg
Queer Beasts By Deep Sea Astronauts _ Low Res-09.jpg
Priestess of The Sun on Cockatoo Island
Zoo Plankton _ Deep Sea Astronauts-1.jpg
Tardigrade _ Commission Deep Sea Astronauts _ multiview - lowres _edited.jpg
Dark Mofo _ Deep Sea Astronauts_edited.jpg
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