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Roving Performances are our specialty – we love bringing an event to life.


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A few or a flock – these stunning native birds perform graceful dances,

cheeky audience interactions and add a whole splash of roving colour.

Choose the birds that best suit your setting – from serene long-necked

waterbirds, to lively cockatoos, spooky crows to trashy ibis - feel free to

mix and match them to suit your event.

Also available

as a children's workshop & parade!



These parrots (two cockatoos and a rainbow lorikeet) are our most popular animals of all – having gone everywhere from the Opera House main stage to the far desert, and everywhere in between. Playful and cheeky these bright birds bring a colourful splash of energy, making any event a ton of fun.


Our majestic waterbirds perform graceful dances inspired by the hunting techniques and courtship rituals of these fascinating water dwellers, teaching children and adults alike about the wonders of our wetlands as they glide through your event.

Choose from 3x White Faced Herons and 1x Royal Spoonbill


These dancing Ibis are gorgeous, majestic, and a little bit trashy – just like the rest of the ibises in Sydney. They will soar gracefully though your event then be caught fighting over the bin or trying to steal people’s sandwiches. Fun and cheeky, they will definitely make a splash.

Different outfits are available, from risqué to family friendly.


Originally created for entertaining crowds wandering amongst the medieval architecture at the Edinburgh Festival, the Three Crows are a darkly Gothic performance. With a mix of eerily silent dances and playful roving they have the audience sighing and squealing in equal measure.


These cheeky creatures were created as a celebration of our native animals and the wildly unique biodiversity of Australia that must be protected. Inspired by Priscilla Queen of the Desert the lizards have been part of everything from Mardi Gras to festivals in Central Australia. They are a fabulous homage to Australiana, quite cheeky and guaranteed to wow the crowd.


These native creepy crawlies include a witchetty grub, dragonfly, blue

banded bee, eucalyptus moth and honey ant. It’s a great way to

introduce kids to the wonders of the insect world around them.

Also available

as a bee hotel

making workshop!



For something magical to take you from day into night, the fireflies

are a perfect self-illuminating delight. Particularly popular for weddings

and twilight events where you want something elegant and beautiful to

bring the wow factor. Stunning both in sunlight and light up for after dark.

They are a great way to activate spaces, to accompany musical elements, getting children dancing or just to have wandering the festivities bringing movement and wonder to the event.

Also available

as a children's workshop & parade!



Light up the night with these incredible dancers.

Based on vibrant native nudibranchs these costumes glow with fibre optics and are UV reactive - fantastic for after dark festivities.

Inspired by the stunningly coloured and iridescent sea slugs found in our oceans - their tendrils and flowing folds have been combined with the human form of dancers in sci-fi inspired futurism.


Designed to glow in blacklight darkness, these otherworldly creatures will dance you into undersea dreams inspired by the microscopic life in our oceans. A totally unique and out of this world experience.


A marching band that plays bubbles! Need we say more? Our

original roving delight The Bubble Parade has been seen at festivals,

concerts, weddings and launches all over NSW. A great way to activate

sites and lead crowds through your space, children absolutely love chasing

the bubbles and joining in the march.

* Pants are optional if you want something a bit cheeky.

Also available

as a children's workshop & parade!



Can you handle this much fabulous? These 60’s inspired drag queen divas bring smiles and swoons wherever they go! Dancing, flirting, throwing shapes and charming strangers – these queens bring colour and joy to any event.


A real life incarnation of the vintage carnival game Zoltar invites you to peer through the mists of time….Do you dare gaze through the veils of destiny and discover the secrets that await you?

When the enigmatic ringmaster hands you a special coin you can place it into the slot of The Amazing Zoltron machine – bringing it to life to dispense your fortune on a bespoke card, just like the old carnival games. These cards can be tailored to your event and make great souvenirs.


These fantastical creatures have slipped out of another world and into our reality.

The totally inhuman face and movements of the creatures creates a surreal experience for the audience. The performers having sight almost entirely removed makes for a powerful intimacy with the people who choose to come and engage with them up close through touch and dance.

* Visibility is almost nothing in this costume so

a guardian will be provided to guide them.


We run fabulous games spaces where people can come and play at festivals and events. Themed to your event, it’s a great way to meet new people, for friends to hang out or to keep kids entertained. Jump into some sack races and epic tug of war games with our camp counsellors, step back in time for gold nugget and spoon races with our gold miners, head on a tropical vacation to run pool noodle races, or just kick back and escape the hurly burly with our dandies in a spot of croquet. We can match whatever audience and vibe you’re creating.

MCs and DJs

When you hire our costumed DJ or MC, you're giving your event the wow factor it deserves. Specialising in themed sets, sing along bangers and blood pumping dance numbers: your celebration will be etched into the memories of your guests, not just as an event, but as an extraordinary experience they'll cherish.

Our experienced DJs and MCs can be any of the creatures you see above, or any of the fabulous Drag King or Queen Characters of our creative director Alli Sebastian Wolf (view examples on their Website). We can even provide artists who can sing original and cover songs to entertain the crowd.

With their vibrant costumes and infectious energy, audience games and amazing music, they're not just entertainers; they're the pulse that transforms your gathering into an unforgettable experience.


We love creating something especially to bring your theme to life, to engage with your audience and create an atmosphere that elevates your event to the next level.

In the past we have become 1920’s Drag Dandies drinking fake champagne and talking old time slag, Mad Scientists creating abominations, Priestesses of the Sun worshipping in the lyrics of 90’s RnB, Gold Rush Era Miners teaching history, Sapphic Poets seducing people with poems and grapes, Disco Divas leading aerobics classes, Neon Aliens tangling people in our neon webs, Tropical Party People bearing ice cream and cocktails, and many more.

Get in touch and we’ll come up with something fantastic.


Spice things up with something NAUGHTIER

Want to add something more outrageous to your party? We have adult only acts that are guaranteed to turn heads and raise pulses while also being very light-hearted and fun.

Lingerie or fetish-wear versions of many of our performing creatures can be arranged. Picture any of the animal heads, wings, tails etc but with a lot more flesh showing underneath, and some vivacious burlesque performers at the helm - playfully scandalous.

Drag Kings and Queens can provide much cheekier shows too - from staged acts to MC duties, roving iterations to DJing - all your party needs are covered. Different outfits are available, from risqué to family friendly, in all different themes. From Mermen draped across your bar to fancy dandies dispensing champagne from gilded codpieces, we have everything from spacemen, to handymen, - we’ve got something to suit every vibe.


The Glitoris is a sculpture that went viral for being a 1-100 scale model of an anatomical clitoris. With it comes performances from The Clitorati, costumed ambassadors for the clit who carry the sculpture, using dance and audience engagement to educate about the clitoris.

This is also available as an art installation, pussy power DJ set, or an educational theatrical performance/lecture.


For more pleasure themed fun we have Cash Gash: ‘The slippery slash that wins you cash!’ Can you touch this ultimate slot machine right and cause it to release its golden shower of coins?

Part sex education, part pokies parody this act has people screaming with laughter.



The interactivity and energy of our roaming entertainers means that nothing compares when it comes to activating spaces or creating connections with the audience. 

We bring:

  • Amazing Impact

  • Unmatched Activation

  • Connection and Community

  • Tailoring to your needs

  • Sustainability


Let us elevate your event to new heights: 


We deliver premium quality event magic that immediately elevates your event, making it unforgettable! Bringing that 'WOW' factor that showcases your passion and creativity as a host, delights attendees, and makes for make for amazing photos that ensure your event lives on in jealousy educing social media posts.


Our roaming entertainers offer unparalleled interactivity and dynamic performances, making them perfect for activating spaces:

  • Adding Energy and Excitement

  • Engaging The Public

  • Creating Festive Ambience 

  • Starting Dance Parties

  • Entertaining Crowds

  • Leading Activities

  • Creating Photo Opportunities

  • Encouraging Networking

  • Enhancing Thematic Events

  • Assisting with Crowd Control

  • Delivering Unforgettable Experiences

  • Promoting The Event/Hosts


The most special part of our work is bringing people together through joy and delight.


Interaction with the characters creates lasting memories and a sense of inclusion that makes people feel like an integral part of your event. It’s the ultimate icebreaker - whether to foster networking opportunities and valuable professional connections in corporate settings, or turning strangers into friends at festivals and parties - our performers are experts at bringing people together in a fun and relaxed way. We love connecting people to their own playful spirit. This helps bridge gaps between different segments of the audience – uniting all ages and backgrounds in a sense of community and shared delight.

Working with your key stakeholders we also become the bridge between your audience and your message, building relationships and trust.


In a world where we are becoming increasingly isolated, these moments of connection and joy are vital.


Whether you seek thrills, enchantment, excitement, family fun or an adult-only affair, our diverse performances are tailored to amplify the magic of your occasion. Performances and costumes can be adapted or bespoke created to suit your themes and create the desired ambiance.

No matter the scale or style of your celebration, from intimate affairs to arena extravaganzas, we deliver memorable personalised experiences that elevates your event to the next level; We have been favourites at festivals, weddings, corporate events, museums, launches, street parties, conferences, open days, banquets and much more!

And we love to collaborate with the other production elements so our performers integrate seamlessly into your event.


We love fostering connection to our unique Australian environment, and empowering people to care for our native animals and environment. You can read about our sustainability practices in the About Us.

Having our native species at your events is a great way to showcase your environmental and sustainability focus.

Download an interactive pdf with all our

Roving Performance information here:

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