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Workshops That

Excite, Empower and Amaze


Bird Parade Creative Workshop _ Deep Sea Astronauts.jpeg

​Bird Parade

Mixing art and a passion for the natural world as children create amazing bird costumes and join our roving performers in spectacular dances as a flock of native birds.

Mr Fishfaces Marvellous Pupper Circus at Squid Festival _ Deep Sea Astronauts-2.jpg

​Puppet Circus

Roll Up, Roll Up To Mr Fishface’s Puppet Circus! This workshop takes your from crafting your puppet, to finding it’s character, movement and voice, right through to devising

and performing an amazing show with your group.

Radio-Play-Workshop-Deep Sea Astroanuts.gif

​Radio Plays

Anything is possible on the radio!

We can go from ancient Rome to outer space in a flash. But where to begin? This workshop guides you step by step to becoming radio play masters – from writing to performance.

Curious Worlds Installed in Day Care Cen

Curious Creatures Mural Making

Turn native plants into out of

this world monsters!

This workshop sparks passion for nature and creativity, and elevates the children's drawings into amazing artworks for public display.

Bubble Parade Creative Workshop _ Deep S

​Bubble Parade

Kids come together to create costumes, rhythms and choreography for a spectacular public performance.

A great way to creatively engage with the community and to educate participants on key issues.

Firefly Parade Workshop _ Deep Sea Astro

Firefly Parade

Light up the night with this amazing after dark workshop! Kids will create their own luminescent firefly hats and join our glowing firefly performers.

Give your students and community something amazing to be talking about for years to come.

Perfect for schools, festivals, museums, councils and arts organisations - this form of community engagement activates public space, adds heaps of colour to your events, and most importantly EMPOWERS and INSPIRES its participants.

Other Workshops

We also love to invent entirely new workshops to suit our clients event, location or ethos. From making bee hotels to bird costumes, weird science to waving - we can help your participants do amazing things.


The following workshops started that way, and we’d be happy to create something especially for you!

Want to know how what magic we can make for you?

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