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Firefly Parade Workshop _ Deep Sea Astro

Firefly Parade


Fireflies _ Deep Sea Astronauts 3.jpg

Light up the night with this enchanting after-dark workshop! Watch as kids bring their imaginations to life by crafting their very own luminescent firefly hats, becoming part of our procession of radiant firefly performers. In this captivating workshop, young participants will not only create sculptural firefly hats aglow with battery-operated lights, but also delve into the magical intersection of wearable art, technology, and nature. This experience empowers the participants in these new art forms, and the creation of 3D fireflies from 2D pieces fosters the development of fine motor and spacial cognitive skills in an engaging and innovative way.

Firefly Parade Workshop _ Deep Sea Astronauts 9 copy_edited.jpg

I saw the hats were so nice but it looked hard so I didn’t think I could make one. But then they were really friendly and made me know that I could make one and helped me and now I made this with green lights in it and I get to have it forever.

ZAC, age 5

Firefly Parade Workshop _ Deep Sea Astro
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