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Radio Play Workshop


Changes in technology have created a revival of the radio – it has never been easier to create and distribute your stories around the world. Arguably the most dynamic and imaginative medium - anything is possible and you can take us from Ancient Rome to outer space in a flash. But where to begin? This workshop guides your student step by step to becoming radio play masters as they create their own worlds and scripts.

Concluded with a performance of the plays by the students or professional actors this workshop is brilliant fun. You and your students will be amazed at what they can achieve.


Alli has a wonderful approach to engaging students and stimulating thinking and conversation. She came so prepared and had really thought about an interactive way of involving students in identifying what was important to them. Her expectations were high and so were the results with all students participating in writing and then recording a radio play in only a couple of hours with and in front of students they only had met a couple of hours before. I would definitely keep her in mind for other student workshops. What a wonderful contribution Alli made to this quality teaching and learning event.


Priority Schools Program Consultant, Riverwood Education Office

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